Reading Recommendations

14 Jul

When I posted this the other day, I really wanted to include more information in case someone suffering from Hyperemesis comes across my blog. One book I am definitely planning to read before my next pregnancy (whenever that will be) is Ashli Foshee-McCall’s Beyond Morning Sickness: Battling Hyperemesis Gravidarum. At over 500 pages this book promises to be very useful to women in a variety of awful situations. According to the table of contents on the author’s website, it includes the author’s own experience with HG in her four pregnancies, and personal stories of several women. There is also an overview of available treatment. The book is aimed at American readers, so not all of it will be possible to put into practice in the UK, and the names of some medications are different here. It was written in consultation with a doctor, and would be, I imagine, a useful tool in convincing UK doctors to work out a reliable treatment plan.

The same author has also written a children’s book: Mama Has Hyperemesis Gravidarum (But Only for a While), which seems like such a good idea for Hyperemesis sufferers who also have to worry about older children.

I can’t recommend the HER Foundation enough, it really is a useful resource, albeit aimed at an American readership. Though the Blooming Awful website (similar to the HER Foundation, but in the UK) seems to have shut down, there still seems to be a Yahoo Group.


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