Borrowed Pet

12 Aug

The borrowed cat

One thing I love about our new house is that two cats seem to have adopted us. They have visited every day since we moved in, and my daughter loves pointing out when they’ve arrived, talking to them, saying ‘Hiya cat!’ and a very serious-sounding ‘meooooow!’. Since I’m slightly allergic to cats, I’m really glad that she gets the chance to have pets around, but without me having to clean up after them, buy their food or take them to the vet.

I’m really loving our new little house. It’s still slightly strange to have an upstairs and the garden is quite tiny, but all my neighbours are so quiet! The area is lovely too. It’s a lot more densely populated than our previous area, but somehow it feels more relaxed (or maybe that’s just me). It’s also quite nice to have hustle and bustle just around the corner and going past our house all day and night. We have found an excellent playground where we’ve already made new friends, and within walking distance we have another tiny playground and a popular park. There are small independent shops just around the corner, and bigger supermarkets are only a short walk away. All in all, I’m enjoying it every day.




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