I am the mother of a three-year-old!

16 Mar

How did that happen?!

We’ve had a great day, luckily not at all marred by the fact that we had to visit the hospital in the morning to discuss a possible fish allergy. I was worried my daughter would need a blood test (on her birthday!), but a lovely doctor who took a very thorough history explained how fish allergy usually works and that it would be best if we tried small quantities at home. I’m a bit worried about this, but I suppose we can’t avoid fish indefinitely, so it has to be done.

After the hospital we went to look around our city’s castle. We hadn’t been since just before I found out I was pregnant almost four years ago, so it was great fun. I think we might have to go back with my mum and my best friend when they visit.

Then we had a lovely picnic in the castle gardens, and after that we  went home finally to open presents and eat birthday cake, after which we had a yummy birthday dinner.

After bathtime we just about had enough time to put up the new glow-in-the-dark stars (a big hit), and then my daughter fell asleep in about ten minutes! A busy but lovely day. I can’t believe she’s three years old already! When I was this age, I had a one-day-old sister, and it makes me sad that my daughter will have to wait a lot longer for a sibling, but such is life.

Now we need to prepare for the party at the weekend. We’ve only invited a handful of friends, and although I’m feeling slight trepidations at the thought of having them all running around in my house and having their parents potentially judge my housekeeping, furniture, cleanliness standards, entertainment choices, food offerings etc etc etc…….. I think it could also be a lot of fun.


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