Birthday Traditions

5 May


It was my birthday yesterday, and a lovely day it was too. There was surprise yummy breakfast arranged by my daughter’s dad, thoughtful presents, posh chocolate , nice cake, I was taken out for afternoon pudding and coffee, and then we had pizza for dinner.

When I was growing up we had a couple of lovely season-specific traditions. My sister’s birthday is the day before mine, and our dad’s birthday is the day after mine, so we always had three great days. This is the time when pansies are blooming in northern Europe, and we always had many different colours in our garden. Every birthday morning before breakfast my mum would pick a few and laid them in a half circle above the birthday person’s plate at mealtimes. Between meals they were put in a vase.

Another tradition we had was that there would always be chocolate ladybirds and may bugs on the birthday table. Since I moved to the UK, my mum has been sending me ladybirds in my birthday parcel, and one year she even pressed some pansies in advance and sent them to me glued onto a card.

Another great tradition we had was the birthday ring , something I really want to continue with my daughter. I ordered one before her birthday this year, but unfortunately it was lost by Royal Mail, which was very sad.

I think birthday traditions are a great way of making children feel valued and tying the family together.


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