My Tooth Saga

5 May

Last Friday I started getting toothache in one of my upper molars which has been causing trouble on and off since I got a filling 6 years ago.

By Sunday the pain was big enough for me to be seen by the emergency dentist who diagnosed a dying nerve and offered to take it out, after which I’d need a root canal treatment from my usual dentist. As my daughter was invited to her friend’s birthday party just a few hours later, I declined so I wouldn’t have to be at the party with a numb face. I started regretting that decision ca. 10 minutes after leaving the dentist surgery!

On Monday I saw my normal dentist, expecting the treatment the emergency dentist had outlined, but he had other plans and diagnosed infected gums and only cleaned my teeth quickly. As he wasn’t swayed by my mentioning the infected pulp the emergency dentist had seen on the X-ray just the day before, I left feeling like a very grubby person with such bad dental hygiene it causes an infection and promptly spent a small country’s GNP on toothpaste, mouthwash and associated accessories.

On Wednesday the pain was still bad, so I went back to the dentist and was prescribed antibiotics, with a follow-up appointment for next week to check if the tooth was still vital.

After commencing the Amoxicillin on Wednesday evening, I woke up with an awfully itchy rash which covered everything but my face. After a quick google and a call to NHS Direct, I concluded it was all fine, if a bit uncomfortable.

While it was a bit annoying to spend my birthday feeling itchy, it was getting slightly better.

This morning I woke up with dry and swollen lips, which worried me enough to ring my local pharmacy to ask for advice. Turns out I’m allergic to Amoxicillin!


One Response to “My Tooth Saga”

  1. Me May 5, 2012 at 10:47 am #

    Jus realised that sounds like I didn’t have any toothpaste before this – I did, it was just about to run out and I wanted some proper ‘kapow!’ toothpaste!

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