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If in doubt, go to the park

28 Jul


At least one advantage of being a poor single mum

23 Jul

This just occurred to me as I was rushing around getting things done before bedtime and thinking ‘Argh, there is SO MUCH to sort out!’ – the advantage of living in a fairly tiny house is that I can get things done while my daughter is in the bath.

If I was living in a massive house like the ones I lust after on Rightmove that have me lying awake for hours plotting the career paths required to ever live in such a house, I’d have a utility room that would probably be miles away from the bathroom(s).

This way my daughter can spend a good while playing in the bath as I hang up washing right next to her, clean the bathroom or mop the kitchen floor (the bathroom goes directly off the kitchen as a sort of extension), avoiding a small bit of extra hassle.

Of course, really rich people would just have their cleaner do the washing for them, but I’m not even thinking about that right now!

Misogynist Bingo, anyone?

21 Jul

There are all kinds of things wrong with this kind of attitude .