A View on ‘Extreme Breastfeeding’

18 Aug

By Bluemilk on Feministe: Meet Your Local Extreme Breastfeeder.

I like the term ‘Extreme Breastfeeding’ when used by feminist mothers, i.e. not in a derogatory way – makes it sound like a challenge (in a good way), or an achievement to be proud of.

My favourite line from Bluemilk’s post:

“it seemed he wanted to talk to my breasts about the guinea pig’s death”

It made me laugh to imagine this three-year-old having a word with his mother’s breasts and seemingly seeing them as entities separate from her, and how lovely for him to have this option to make himself feel better when he’s sad.

Every time my daughter feels sad or hurts herself she sobs “I’m saaaad, I want some nom noms make me feel better”. Who could refuse?


2 Responses to “A View on ‘Extreme Breastfeeding’”

  1. zankin August 19, 2012 at 5:44 am #

    I remember with my ex my children would do something a lot like this; made me think of using a skin safe marker and drawing eyes on it.


  1. I Always Miss Breastfeeding Awareness Week | Nanny Naturale's Yogi Care - August 19, 2012

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