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Phew! Survived the Birthday Party. And even quite well.

22 Mar

Birthday Cake

This is the cake I made for my daughter’s birthday party. It is a lemon Madeira cake layered with orange buttercream and apricot jam. I put her name on the other side of the caterpillar, and dotted around the cake are flowers, butterflies, ladybirds, bees, snails, and toadstools.

I wanted the cake to match the general spring/garden theme of the party, and I’m pleased with the outcome as I managed to construct a cake which matched the mental image I had.

Birthday Cake  with sugarpaste letters and grass

I used 'Tappits' for the letters.


The butterflies, flowers and little animals are made from gumpaste.

Garden spring cake with flowers, butterflies, ladybirds, bees, grass and toadstools

As you can probably see, most decorations were glued in place with royal icing.


A bunch of three-year-olds don’t need loads of activities as they’re probably most happy playing with balloons and running around. Nevertheless, I wanted the party to have some kind of structure, so I put out some craft stuff – butterfly and flower stickers, foam ladybirds, paper flowers, glitter glue – to let the children decorate some plant pots. Once they had done this, they filled their pots with compost and planted seeds in them. I made sure to choose seeds which can be planted in spring and won’t take too long to start growing.

The children seemed to have fun with this, and the parents approved too. Thanks to rainy weather we had to do the planting in the dining room, but thanks to some mats on the floor and parents’ effort to keep the compost contained in a big flat cardboard box, the carpet survived.


You can't see it here, obviously, but some seeds have already started sprouting. Major excitement!

All in all it was a fun party. It’s crazy how much time and effort went into a couple of hours though!

A Post about Cake

19 Apr

Entirely nothing to do with feminism: I made the most amazing cake this week! (Yes, I do say so myself.)


I had been itching to try out using sugarpaste (or fondant, and what’s the difference anyway?) since I had to cancel my daughter’s birthday party due to illness, and with a grandma visit looming, I finally got the chance. It went pretty well. The inside is a huge madeira cake flavoured with lemon zest and juice in four layers with a filling of pink lemon buttercream and raspberry jam. The outside of the madeira cake is covered in the same buttercream, on top of which I put yellow fondant icing. The stars are also made of fondant and stuck on with piping gel. It was almost painful to cut into the cake, but it was worth it:

One of my friends described it as the happiest diabetic coma ever.