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5 Oct

“Mummy, how does it get later?”

“This one is bigger than that one, and that one is bigger than this one. They are both bigger than each other!”

When your three-year-old tells you…

30 Aug

… they’ve ‘done some work for you’, it can only mean one thing when your work is books –


Found this and it seemed apt

24 Aug

This is so my life at the moment. I’m determined to make those two circles overlap at least a tiny bit. To start with, I’m going out this evening to meet up with a group of lovely people. Most of them are lecturers/PhDs and we are going to discuss poetry, but really it’s just an excuse to sit in a big posh house, eat food and drink wine.

The naming of plants

17 Jun

We were looking at my daughter’s plant book, the first page of which shows lots and lots of different plants and flowers and insects. She can spend hours just talking about this one page.

‘What’s this flower called mummy?’

‘I think it’s a foxglove.’

With her head inquisitively tilted to one side (that’s how I usually know it’ll be a great question):

‘Foxglove? Or maybe doggie coat?’