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A Bit of Good News

8 May

I have found a house. It is a terraced house in a lovely area, ca. 20 metres from an excellent bakery, it has a very small garden with a shed (a miracle in this area!), and a box room. Finally my daughter won’t have to share her bedroom with the fridge anymore! I think she’ll have the front bedroom so that I can use the box room (attached to the back bedroom) as my study.

It looked good in the photos and I’d looked at a house in the same street last year, so when the letting agent promised new carpet downstairs, I made my decision on the spot. I filled in the paperwork the same day, and today I gave notice on my current flat. We are officially moving house! As my lease is five years old already, I had to give two months’ notice (nowadays one month is more common), so I’ll have lots of time for packing everything. I think some decluttering is needed!