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A View on ‘Extreme Breastfeeding’

18 Aug

By Bluemilk on Feministe: Meet Your Local Extreme Breastfeeder.

I like the term ‘Extreme Breastfeeding’ when used by feminist mothers, i.e. not in a derogatory way – makes it sound like a challenge (in a good way), or an achievement to be proud of.

My favourite line from Bluemilk’s post:

“it seemed he wanted to talk to my breasts about the guinea pig’s death”

It made me laugh to imagine this three-year-old having a word with his mother’s breasts and seemingly seeing them as entities separate from her, and how lovely for him to have this option to make himself feel better when he’s sad.

Every time my daughter feels sad or hurts herself she sobs “I’m saaaad, I want some nom noms make me feel better”. Who could refuse?

Room Prettification

11 Sep

It’s already been almost three months since we moved house, and while most of our possessions and furniture have found their place, room decoration is still a work in progress. At the moment this progress is hampered by a lack of money, so my wish list keeps getting longer and longer. I decided to focus on my daughter’s room and the reception rooms for the time being. Before we moved, I found some curtains which I had been coveting had been reduced, so I bought them, and it turned out they’re too short for the window in daughter’s room. So now I have to find a way of making them longer. I thought of buying some contrasting fabric, perhaps green (the curtains are pink and dotty), and sewing it on the top and bottom of the curtains.

A tree made up of 46 wall stickers

Because daughter has the front bedroom, I needed something to make the big chimney breast look less bare. I decided on some kind of wallsticker-type arrangement because most of them can be repositioned and don’t mark the walls, very important in a rented house! I like this tree because it’s not too girly, and as she gets bigger we can cut animals out of cardboard and stick them around the tree.

Then my mum came to visit and witnessed my fruitless hunt for sitting room and dining room curtains. So she offered to send me my parents’ 1980s Laura Ashley curtains which were sitting in her attic. As I had been lusting after those curtains for years I gratefully accepted! Now I jokingly call them my ‘vintage Laura Ashley curtains’ when I want to feel poncey.

I think they might need some ironing...

At the moment daughter really loves The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr, so I was overjoyed when I found some illustrations from the book for sale in the V & A shop.

Isn’t it lovely?

We call this one 'Tiger Cuddle'

So the house is a little more homely now. What I’m still looking for is a big round rug for daughter’s room. The carpet in the whole house is brown (typical institutional/student house choice), which means rugs are sorely needed to liven up the colour scheme! I really love the rug Meg from Sew Liberated made for her sons’ playroom, but I’m not creative enough to make one myself, and if I tried it would likely become a higgledy-piggledy mess. It’s really worth checking out her blog because even though her family has just moved house, the spaces she creates for her children are an inspiration. I don’t have the room or the financial means to make our house as pretty, functional and true to Montessori ideas as hers appears to be in the amazing photos, but it’s good to have something to strive for.