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A Royal Hyperemesis Baby

3 Dec

So the impatiently anticipated royal baby has finally been conceived. While Hyperemesis is no walk in the park for anyone, royal or not, I can’t help but wonder what the circumstances of pregnancy mean for the public perception of Hyperemesis sufferers.

Many people have commented on the Duchess of Cambridge’s thin figure, and one of the first reports of her hospitalisation mentioned that it is often women of slight stature who suffer from Hyperemesis. This is true, of course: women who are not overweight, under 30 years of age and non-smokers have the highest risk of developing it.

However, I can’t help but predict that media coverage of Kate Middleton’s HG will imply either that she brought it on herself by being thin, thus suggesting that she’s too concerned with her appearance or not strong enough to be a good mother, or that over-sensitive women insist on going to hospital when others just power through. Well, just to be clear: HG just happens, particularly in a first pregnancy when many people don’t even know it exists. Hospitalisation is usually the result of several weeks of eating and drinking very little.

Perhaps I’ll start a ‘royal pregnancy watch’ to see whether my predictions hold true.