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Seaside picture

13 Sep

My daughter loves going to the beach (who doesn’t), so when she collected a bucket load of seashells the other week I tried to think of a way we could turn them into some kind of memory, rather than letting them start off in a pretty box on the shelf (her ‘nature corner’) from which they would follow the fate of last year’s conkers, acorns, leaves and seashells and migrate all over the house.

This is what I came up with after digging in my memories for things I enjoyed as a child.


We bought some plaster from the craft section of a big Range shop (non-UK readers: it’s a huge shop which sells everything from cheapo sweets and curtain poles to posh dinnerware and art supplies). Mix it with water according to the instructions, pour it into a pretty box, and voilĂ .


A seaside picture to remember our all-too-short summer.

If in doubt, go to the park

28 Jul